Isabel Wilker graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Portuguese Language and Literature at PUC - Rio (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro) and has been working as a professional actress for the past ten years. She started making collages with travel souvenirs, and soon began collecting scrapbooks full of pictures, cutouts and scraps of paper, creating a visual calendar of her travels. Gradually, the collages became more spontaneous and frequent, as she began to fill notebooks with images and colors that inspired her thoughts.


It was during the creation of her undergraduate thesis (a book of poems illustrated with collages) that her process became more complex. Since then, Isabel has produced a number of collages in different shapes and sizes, using materials like cardboard, magazine cutouts, photographs, stamps, pages from books.


Self-taught, Isabel lets images guide her to an idea, colors lead her towards a project, putting collages together as if she were working on a puzzle. "A collage is almost like a slideshow of a moment in your life - a collection of tiny pieces that becomes something larger. A bit like the countless memories, emotions and experiences that make up someone's personality".